Exhibition at Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

Since December 2020 Niels Weerheim is co-exhibiting his new series 'Cycles and Patterns' at the Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht. Curated by Kroon Gallery and Studio Cedille. The series contains 8 paintings in total done with acrylics on aluminium.


‘It Happens In Cycles’

In this series of works Niels Weerheim is taking a deeper dive into the visualisation of cycles. Like all movement in the universe everything happens in cycles whether it is on a macro level or at a micro level, it all depends on what level of consciousness the observer perceives.

Inherent in all of Niels’ work, is the simultaneously path of his personal and psychological understanding of himself and his artistic path. In his process of creation there is no thinking, it is an attempt to let the inspiration on the specific moment speak through the body with the paint on material as the result. You can see it as a sort of meditation and state of consciousness where the trust is full and control is zero.

Most of the work is mental and is done in preparation before the act of painting itself. The actual meaning comes later when his state of mind is coming back to ‘daily life’

As humans we unconsciously operate in patterns which are integrated deeply in our system and believes. Our earliest years and our youth also play a big part in our behaviour choices we make.

A pattern or cycle is something that repeats itself, it gets influenced by events and it could slightly change but for the most it is repeated. But we as a species have a conscious awareness thus we are able to alter our point of view and even change a pattern or cycle. Sometimes this can be something on the surface, sometimes it can be something that is rooted deep and takes great courage and attention to face it.

This new works are a moment in time with the visualisation focussed on this subject. All are free of own interpretation and reflection. There is no elucidation. Niels invites you to try to observe without thinking, let the shapes and colours vibrate with your unconsciousness.